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Hi do you still need a rental property? Let me know what you need and how many people it is for and what they can pay . We are about 20mins out from Manavgat but there are multiple villas and apartments here which I am sure I could sort out the rental for
Haven't been in Alanya for yonks. Long range planning for a bit of a camping hike along the coast. Can't seem to find anywhere in Alanya stocking Bluet mini campingaz cartridges. Wondering if anyone on here might know. Trouble is I'm a techno dunce and unsure if I can raise a question here. Can you help at all. Cheers. Davy.
You need to post this on the open forum.

No-one will see it here on my profile.
Hi Christopher ,
I have just found a message you posted, i did go to Penthorpe and lived next to the Cyder House Pub in Shackleford.
Some unacceptable racism on this forum now, and the worst offender is actually a mod. It would seem criticising Scotland and the Scottish people is OK on here so I'm off, Been a member on here for a number of years but I have had enough.
Welcome To Istanbul , I advice Turkey as the most popular destination in our days ,If you need any help or adivice please feel free to contact me
Hi Tess. I have been trying to contact members of the Turkish Living Forum in relation to the activities of ARM. We have suffered in the UK because of their British/Welsh individual I am be keen to speak directly with you and any colleagues on how we can take joint action against these people. Gavin 07989323344
I sent a Whatapp message to Ümit telling him to expect your contact. He replied that they are working in Nif at the moment.
If I remember correctly, although the builder is based in Fethiye, he is from the Nif area.
Good luck
Can anyone tell me the process for selling my property in Marmaris and how much tax I would pay etc? Plenty of sites for buying but not for selling!
Due to ill health I would not be able to travel as much as I would like!
My property is in Beldibi, Marmaris 2 bed apt with pools and large garden with banana trees, olive trees etc. 4 min walk to Sunday market from apt!
Any info would be much appreciated!
may ı have an information about the advertisement please?
I have my own estate agent in Fethiye and wd like to put my flyer in a little box on the sides your forum pages or wherever I can...need to know the cost annual / size / etc., details...
thanks & cheers,
neylan brock
Hi Alexander

I have recently received what I believe to be minutes of the latest Gultan AGM in Turkish. I have emailed to request a translated copy, but it's fallen on deaf ears (not for the first time). Do you know if there is a specific person I could request it from?
Kind regards

Hi everyone
My father (deceased)was a Turkish Cypriot who came to the UK 56 years ago.I understand I can apply for a Turkish Passport which is something I want to do as I intend to buy a property there.
Firstly I would like to know if this is the case and how to go about applying,also is it a requirement to be fluent in the language in my case.
Thanks in advance.
You can specialist advice from legal advisors (pm me for suggestion) in istanbul that can deal ith everything for a fee of course... which will be neccesary if your not planning to attend in person to do it yourself...

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