Zeytin Dali phase three - pool
We own a first floor apartment at the front of phase three, we visited in June and were promised the pool would be filled in July 2007.

We are renting our apartment for holiday lets, but when we visited found it impossible to climb up to the pool on phase three to use, (even if there was water in it).

I feel there should be steps made from the lower levels to reach the pool what does everyone else think?

Has the water been put in yet and what are these reports about us not being able to use phase 1 or 2 pools?


Zeytin Dali phase three - pool
hi Andy,

We also own an apartment on Phase 3, we are on the same level as the swimming pool. You can reach the pool via the steps from your apartment up to the car park level which seperates the upper and lower levels.

The management was elected in August and the chairperson is a lady called Nesrin. She lives there permenantly, she has told us that the pool wont be filled untill next April/May as it is the end of the season. We thought everything would have been ready by July, roads, painting, planting etc. Regarding Phases 1&2 pools PM me and i'll explain.


Alan & Evelyn
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