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Your Personal Data
Something I meant to post last year but completely forgot about was the issue of personal information held by Turkish companies.

Following lengthy arguments and fallouts with the emlak I bought through, I marched into their office one fine day and demanded all the papers, duplicate keys etc they had belonging to me and my apartment.

They eventually handed everything over and I was surprised by the file they had on me - or rather it's contents which included everything from bank account details to passport numbers to home addresses and contact numbers.

I had given them these details of course but forgot all about them.

The point I am trying to make though is that when your purchase is completed, and the emlak or developer etc has done everything they have to, you should ensure that you get all copies of personal data held by them on you, returned to you.

Even when your purchase is ongoing, it's a good idea to check that anyone holding your information has it securely stored.



Your Personal Data
Thanks for your post, certainly made me sit up and think - i think i shall be doing the same and retrieving all my data!

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