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your aydem bill online page
How to Find out your Electricity Bill Online

Saturday, 19 December 2009

UPDATED - It’s easy to find out how much your Turkish electricity bill is even if you are away from your place just by following a few steps.

Firstly you need to open up the Aydem website in your browser and click on ‘English’ on the top right hand part of the screen. The website will now be displayed in English!

Next, on the right of the screen is located the ‘Online Services’ section.

Click on the ‘Debt Inquiry’ words and a new window will open up asking for your email and password. This screen is in Turkish.

Of course if you have not used this service before you will need to register. Click on the ‘Hemen Üye Olun’ words as shown on the picture below.

You will then need to fill in your subscriber number, meter number and the security code shown on the page and press the button at the end.

You can find your subscriber number from your last bill. It’s printed on the top half of your bill on the left and is called ‘Tesisat No:’

Your meter number is also shown on your bill and is called ‘Sayac No'.

Assuming you have put all the details in correctly the next page will show the account holder name and you should fill in all the boxes. This page is in English. This page also gives you the option to get your bills sent via email. This is a useful service if you are away from your property or you are prone to losing your bills.

Click the ‘submit’ button and you will receive a confirmation page and be returned to the log in page.

Now, in the steps above you will have put in your desired password. When we tried to login using the password we entered but it was rejected. So on the log in screen click on the I’ve forgotten my password button (Şifrenizi Unuttuysanız Tıklayın in Turkish) - see image below.. You will then be taken to a screen where you need to input your email address as used during the registration part of the process. In a few seconds an email will arrive with your password.

With this information then logon to your account.

You will now be taken to your account details page. This page also shows any unpaid bills you may have in the lower part of the page – titled (Borç Bilgileri in Turkish).

The menu on the top part of the page has a number of options.

Anasayfa – Takes you to your account details – the home page

Tesisat No Bul – Allows you to find your meter number. This isn’t much use as you have already had to use this to register in the first place.

Tahmini Fatura Hesabı ve Endeks Bildirimi – This is an interesting little feature that allows you to input your latest meter readings between bills to see the cost of the electricity used to date. The only problem is that it only shows one part of the bill – the amounts that Aydem charge – and not all the other costs such as the transmission costs taxes and other add ons. Still it does produce a nice little bill.

Geçmiş Tüketimler – This screen shows details of all your previous bills including how many units you have used and the cost.

Grafikler – This screen leads to two graphs. One shows the total bill costs by period and the second the daily average cost of your electricity.


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your aydem bill online page
Sorry, I am a bit slow, but could you post a link to the website please, or tell us the name on the website.


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your aydem bill online page
All the above information, together with the link, was posted Here on the 19th December.

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