You too can teach in 6 months !!
Another one from the McBrown school of diversionary politics.

You can now have the opportunity to be a teacher in just 6 months, cutting the previous record of 12 months down by 40% ( I wanted to reach maths !)

Apparently it is thought that it could be an ideal opportunity for those high flyers who have lost their city jobs to go into.The rest of the unemployed can have jobseekers allowance then?

I suppose they will be teaching economics !!

This man is not known as gormless Gordon for nothing.


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You too can teach in 6 months !!
Another Nu-Labour trick to massage the figures. Just as in the way they provided more 'policing' with Blunketts Bobbies, now they will be able to prove there are enough teachers by putting poorly trained teachers in front of kids.

What next? Brain surgery courses on the OU?

You too can teach in 6 months !!
Speaking as someone who spent 4 years doing my Teacher Training degree I think Gordon and his minions are imbeciles!!!
Any eejit with a dodgy job outlook will now be jumping ship to the HMS School Screwup and then while every stockbroker/teacher will endeavour to enhance applied maths for 11 year olds, what will happen to everything else...
Gordon's lacky Liam Byrne was talking on the BBC today about all the wonderful secret teachers that are out there but have never been able to cope with the academic rigours of the degree or PGCE, the teaching practice and pedagogy, and the Labour Government with its CRAZY initiatives...but never fear now you can cast off your old life (and the 6 figure salary that it came with!!) and save the children

Thank God and in only 6 months too!!
Apologies but this c**p makes me mad :censored:


You too can teach in 6 months !!
Its a farce right enough having watched my wife slog long and hard to get her qualifications to teach, 6 months is taking the p*ss.

But please don’t let the newspapers dictate our thinking, not everyone who has lost their job in the city is a high flying 6 figure salary investment banker or city boy trader.

Good people in junior roles and middle management (mostly public facing) have also lost their jobs and have had nothing to do with the gross arrogance and wasteful practises of the above mentioned people.

If some of these people can re-train in teaching great but they must do the same training as all the hard working teachers and tutors on the front line at the moment.



You too can teach in 6 months !!
Could it possibly have been a ploy with a bit of advanced notification that there will be a lot of labour MP's looking for alternative occupations in about a year?
Who the hell would employ them though?

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