Yesterday, Unlucky Sunderland
I don't know what you get to see in Turkey so forgive me if this is old hat.

Sunderland have a free kick which is aimed at the right side of goal. The goalkeeper dives and misses it and the ball hits the right hand post. It then bounces along the goal line and hits the left hand post. It bounces back from there to hit the goalkeeper, who is still on the ground, then on to the right hand post AGAIN only to pop up into the grateful goalkeepers arms.

I am an old-timer and I have never seen the like.



Mass Debater
Yesterday, Unlucky Sunderland
And there was nothing wrong with our free kick which went in and was disallowed !
Robbed of three points for the second week running !
Derby next week with the maggies. I hope we wipe the floor with them.


Yesterday, Unlucky Sunderland
Excellent. more Sunderland supporters on the Forum

I was at the match yesterday, yeah we were robbed.

oh well hopefully Jones will be back next week.


Yesterday, Unlucky Sunderland
And let the northern jokes keep flying in.
Perhaps occasionally in the net.

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