Yeni dunya

I was in a greengrocers in Surrey today buying a few bits, and they had a box of these sitting there. I asked their price, and ended up being sold the whole thing for £2 (I don't think that they had sold too well . . .). The thing is, no one else in the house likes them apart from me, and there are an awful lot of them. Does anyone have any ideas as to if you can cook with them? Or if they store?


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Yeni dunya
There are other names for this fruit, in Asia it's called Loquat / Japanese Plum, I have also seen this growing in Spain.


You can use it in various ways other then just eating it, here are some ideas I found;

The skin of the loquat is easily removed. Peeled and seeded fruits are eaten fresh, sometimes combined with sliced banana, orange sections and grated coconut. They are delicious simply stewed with a little sugar added. The fruits are also used in gelatin desserts or as pie-filling, or are chopped and cooked as a sauce. Loquats canned in sirup are exported from Taiwan. Some people prepare spiced loquats (with cloves, cinnamon, lemon and vinegar) in glass jars. The fruit is also made into jam and, when slightly underripe, has enough pectin to make jelly. The jelly was formerly manufactured commercially in California on a small scale.

source: Loquat/Japanese Plum


Yeni dunya
I love them as is.....i mean raw......
we used to call them mushmula, then found out that it is only called mushmula in the izmir region......everywhere else it's called yeni dunya, or malta erigi (maltese plum)
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Yeni dunya
I have only known them as mushmula,,, got a couple of kilo and didn't know what to do with them except eat them raw and I aint too keen, so thanks for the recipes.

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