yellow fever jab
help! im going to the UK tonight and then to ghana 10 days later after İ have a jab for Yellow Fever.
Has anyone had this..and how was it..?
Also i will have to take some Malaria prophylaxis before İ go..again anybody out there got any advice.


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yellow fever jab
l had a jab similar to what you stated.The needle is about a foot long and looks like something from the victorian era.
You have to bend over for this one,and boy the needle feels like a stick being slowly inserted in the buttocks.
How long can you stand up Shirley,because after this jab,you will need to find a way of sleeping like a bat for a while.

Apart from the throbbing dull pain coming from the rear and the thoughts of sleeping like a bat for a few day's.l wish you all the best in your flight to England and Ghauna.
Good Luck and God bless you..l'll miss your posts
yellow fever jab
thanks bob..i expected nothing less form made laugh though...i think you are closet sadist haha...
they do have pc's in the uk..and in Ghana too i will be keeping an eye on you !


yellow fever jab
I just want to wish you safe journey to the UK and to Ghana where you will meet up with your son. It will be a very emotional journey and meeting for you but at least you will see him, through very hard to leave I am sure.

All the very best Shirley xxxxx


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yellow fever jab
Can't help with the jabs or the malaria wotsits, but Shirley, have a safe journey all the way there and back. Give Alan our best wishes. Love Em x


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yellow fever jab
Never had either of them so can.t advise . But have a good journey and take care of yourself . Sorry i didn.t get back for the karioke But musa working meant we couldn't make it . You are a truely wonderful person .a real diamond . And i look forward to meeting you again soon ......Diane

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yellow fever jab
Hi Shirley, I had yellow fever jab (before my egg allergy), I can remember the area where I'd had the jab was a little stiff for a couple of days. Malaria tablets we took for our trip to Gambia and had 1 per week for 8 weeks, prescribed off the doctor. They did make me nauseous, but just had to have them or risk the mozzie bites effects.

Hope you have a fantastic time, I'll bet you're so looking forward to seeing Alan.


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yellow fever jab
Had a few jabs in my time not yellow fever though but all the typhoid etc and no problem in fact the steroid injection I once had to have in the backside was the worst. As for malaria pills, one sort I had seemed to give me a mini attack once a week when I had to take the pill. Not saying you will but it was nasty enough to make sure that you do not want or get the real thing.
Have a good trip and love to Alan and tell him that we are thinking about him and have every available thing crossed.


yellow fever jab
Never had this jab Shirley,but just really wanted to wish you a good trip and to let you know will be thinking of you. Alan will be so happy to have you there and I can only imagine how emotional it will be for you both.




yellow fever jab
Sorry can't help with the jabs but it is important to take the malaria tabs , especially as you are going out of the tourist zone. I know some people feel nausea when taking them but a small price to pay to keep malaria at bay.

I hope you have a good journey , itwill give Alan such a boost just to see and talk to you. I hope you manage to get some help from the authorities in getting Alan back home.

As always Shirley , let us know if you need any help.

Take care and look after yourself

Eve x
yellow fever jab
Shirley, I just want to add my good wishes to the others, you and Alan have been through so much, Good luck and keep us informed.


yellow fever jab
Hope I'm not to late!!

Ask your GP for some anti emetics (anti sickness) just in case the malaria tablets do make you nauseous. The last thing you need is to feel sick while you are out there. The website gives some good information on vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis etc.

I am new to this forum and have read of your's and Alan's plight and my heart goes out to you.

Hope that your journey is safe.

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