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Yearly tax in a nutshell
Afternoon all,
About to purchase an apartment in Fethiye and have looked at different threads on the above but cannot define what i would like to know.

Would i have to pay a council type tax like UK if i do how is assessed and apart from water electricity are there any other hidden taxes to consider before i sign on the dotted line.

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Yearly tax in a nutshell
..our council tax ,was around 95 lira for this year ..but it does depends of the size of your house and ..and the belvedere(council) that you come under:31:


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Yearly tax in a nutshell
You only start paying your council tax once you have the tapu in your name.Other payments are water and electric.
lf your on a complex or a site,then the payments can vary,which is an extra payment due to maintenance charges.
Remember also paying out for insurance for the property is not valid if you have no tapu in your name.Even though insurance has been bought for the property ,it doesn't mean it is valid,because the insurance company will not tell you this.
That about it with yearly payments on a property


Yearly tax in a nutshell
my advice to avoid paying any other charges is dont talk to every turkish man as you,re bound to pay them something for something...... only joking ! happy holidays in your new venture..


Yearly tax in a nutshell
Your council tax is assessed by the amount that is put on your Tapu (at this stage thats up to you to accept a lower amount or insist on the correct amount). The only other charges other than the ones you mention are, your tax on the money in your bank and, any yearly complex charges.

Sorry forgot to say, first year of your council tax is free.
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Yearly tax in a nutshell
hi, i was told that you have to go and register your tapau at the belvedere(council) within 1 month of recieving it.steve


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Yearly tax in a nutshell
'Belediye' Steve ;) Looks like you need to stay off the 2TL Efes! :biggrin:


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Yearly tax in a nutshell
Neither was ours, Maggie!!! Perhaps we should go and claim it back!!!

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