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Yalimart - It's your birthday !!!
Good morning mate , how is life in the Scots gravy mines ?
A very happy birthday mate , many happy returns , a princess for a day .
Shake a leg .
Steve n Jackie


Yalimart - It's your birthday !!!
Happy birthday ... since your OP "hope you can now "get your leg over" .......the bed and walk that is LOL ;)

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The Carnwath Massive
Yalimart - It's your birthday !!!
Thanks for the wishes, the day started well, I woke up.
Not much difference to yesterday apart from my cards and presents, a log splitting tool that goes in my power drill, I just need some logs that need splitting now and a 6 pack of Harvey Nicks fudge with a zesty lemon topping, that got my full attention.
And last but not least a chocolate birthday cake and a glass of cloudy lemonade delivered to my sick bed.



Yalimart - It's your birthday !!!
When you have time and could u post a picture or link for the log splitting attachment.

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