xmas fayre thank you
A big thank you to all that attended our xmas fayre today.
We raised 800 lira!! which will go into the 'pot' to be used by the newly formed association for the benefit of the street animals.
A special thanks to Michelle for the use of Zorro bar and Rewena and Babs for manning the stalls.


I Love Kleopatra Beach !
xmas fayre thank you
Very well done to all concerned . a great day out for a worthwhile cause . Long may it continue ..... Diane

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
xmas fayre thank you
Well done to you all, and so glad that the weather was kind to you. That is a good sum to add to the balance raised. Let's hope it continues to grow for all those animals unfortunate to have found themselves homeless.


xmas fayre thank you
Did you get any goodies Luckycat?

Well done to everyone involved,hopefully this will be the start of much more to come.:clap:

As you know M - I couldnt make it as we were busy before returning to UK - did all my fund raising in the season !!!!
xmas fayre thank you
Well done to all concerned, its great that you can build on the good work that Luckycat has started, long may it continue.

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