I am quite surprised that nobody has commented about todays date.Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War 2.This was the WAR that seen about 50 million people perish.No doubt many of you reading this had relatives perish in the conflict.I did.If it wasnt for their sacrifice the world would be a much different place to the one we know today.I would ask you all to reflect on this for a moment and give thanks to all that perished.THANK YOU


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My Father in law has attended the anniversary of d-day and he said never again because it brought so many bad memories flooding back.He would rather see the anniversaries of the start of peace then the start of a war from an evil dictator that brought misery to the many.

My father in law was on a suicide mission attacking Pegasus bridge.He has seen all his mates shot right next to him.And at the end of that fierce attack were just a few left,leaving him with a mental scar that will not heal.

History is a good thing,but we shouldn't dwell on the evils when another new generation is trying to make peace with each other and not war.

Soon will be the anniversary of WW1,will we be celebrating that.l hope not.l would rather see a celebration of peace and what we have learnt from attacking another nation is not the answer to man's problems.
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Ians right, surely the end is the important part? Its comforting to know that all the citizens of the UK/Europe/Russia can today enjoy the freedom from an overbearing police state regime the courageous soldiers fought and died to protect them from. Im sure not all of the brave souls are resting in peace.



We should indeed remember and celebrate the courage of all those who rose up against the Nazi tyrant. Without their sacrifices the world would be a much darker place today.

Facism and Communism are both despicable, destructive and discredited belief systems which should be consigned to the garbage bin of history, permanently!!


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