Wow, a new forum just for us!
I feel quite privileged to be able to be part of this club - is that a bit odd?!!
I'm recovering well after 6 years treatment for thyroid cancer (quite rare)- it's not been a pleasant journey (throat slit 4 times!) but although I had cancer it didn't have me. I kept physically and mentally strong and continued through life as best as I could.
My son was 6 months old when I was diagnosed and I had to keep my chin up for his sake. He is now 7 and I have another baby due in 9 weeks - had to wait a while obviously!
I feel very blessed that I have recovered, although I'll never hear the words 'all clear' or 'remission' as thyroid cancer has a high return rate. I know there are others far worse off than me and I want to send all those sufferers my thoughts and best wishes as it takes a lot of strength and courage to fight the disease. :cheer2:


Wow, a new forum just for us!
What a lovelley post !!!

I wish you well with your new baby .

I think the C Club is going to give everyone a great deal of hope as well as heaps of moral support.!!!

Love and Hugs Maggie xxx


Wow, a new forum just for us!
Claire, I wish for you continued good health and congratulation on you forthcoming event!

I myself was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 19 and told I would not have children but I did, just the one lol. They had wanted to give me a hysterectomy but my then Colposcopy Professor said no, I was far too young. I got the all clear at 36 after many years of monitoring and snipping away of bits!!


Wow, a new forum just for us!
I did'nt know we had a "Cancer corner" I hope we don't get to many members in one sence, but then again the more we get the more encouraging it will be for " New members" ;)


Wow, a new forum just for us!
Claire, thanks for your post. quite a story. it will keep us pumped.
congrats with baby no 2


Wow, a new forum just for us!
It amazes me how people suffering from cancer can be so up beat and positive. You are all an inspiration - I'm now going to transfer my daily dose of good luck and positive vibes to this link ......... its not much to do, it doesnt take long - I wish I could do more but its sent sincerely and from deep within my heart to yu all. I am just one more friend to wish you all 'good luck'. Molly


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Wow, a new forum just for us!
Thanks to both Pebble and Mushtaq for this thread. Now we can all put our good vibes in one place and cover many people.


Wow, a new forum just for us!
Count me in to the corner as well! Almost two years since my treatment for a rare gynae ca, my main enduring problem is a rather 'delicate' gut - means I have to know that there's decent facilities close to hand after I've eaten anything. Like others, I'll bet, I've found that the more natural fresh food I eat in Turkey causes less problems than my traditional British diet. My 'miracle food' is green lentils....lentil soup (yummy anyway) seemed to have a soothing effect on my digestive bits, so I went further and made myself a cauldron of 'lentil lobby' as we'd call it in my home town (a thick stew of onion/carrot/celery base with the lentils and a bit of chicken/beef/whatever added according to mood, cooked down so that you can scoop it up with a lump of fresh bread)
Eaten once most days, this enabled me to go off swimming, biking, boozing with almost no worries about embarrassing urgency and a much reduced symphony of gurgles. Hope that this might prove useful to others who've had their nether regions blasted and suffering the consequences.


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Wow, a new forum just for us!
thanks for this thread, i am a member by proxy as it is my husband who is fighting this disease. good luck to all sufferers and continued good health to those who have managed to kick its ass!!!!

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Wow, a new forum just for us!
My friend's 15 month old, Maisy, had her 3rd four hour brain operation in 4 weeks yesterday. They are now confident they have removed all the tumor. She has a rare form of cancer and has a 5 year survival rate of 25 to 40%. We were all pleased with this as the alternative form of cancer they thought she had would have only given her a 5% survival rate. She's such a little fighter and is due to start chemo on Monday if she is recovered enough.


Wow, a new forum just for us!
My biggeswt wish is to see a lot of 'EX MEMBERS OF THE CLUB" I would like to see many "ablas" and "abis" who have gotten over this and are here to help other people go thru their journey. We have some ablas (big sister) and abis (big brothers) on here already that have given me some inaluable advice.

One day when i have the pis and vinegar in me, I'll tell you how i was a PILOT PARENT, and how satisfiying it was, but then it was time to move on. its a feel good story. if you dont see anything in a couple of weeks, just remind me, you know the memory issues i have...........\


Wow, a new forum just for us!
Hi y'all!

Gizmo here just to say YES there is life after the big C. My lovely Mom passed on with breast cancer at 57 years young and I was diagnosed 5 years later. Had breast cancer 11 years ago - op, chemo and radiotherapy. Recovered and went back to work. I have one child and when I told him he wanted to know, number 1 if he could catch it and number 2 would I die? I told him we are all only trotting through this life and make the most of it and enjoy. (which I did and am doing)

Diagnosed with tumour in bladder 18 months ago - tumour was removed and had chemo - on the mend again - 3 months check up now raised to 6 months (you cannot get rid of a bad thing!!!!)

Made redundant 2 months ago - Aw!! No, best thing that has happened to me as I now can do all the things I have been unable to do what with work and family commitments etc.,

Life is wonderful and it is what you make it - you reap what you sow and remember there is always someone else worse off than you.

I am back to Turkey in September - 3rd time this year and I will never tire of it. Chin up and take care anyone that is poorly or feeling down


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Wow, a new forum just for us!
I suppose i should count myself as one of the lucky ones really... Pebble knows a lot of my story but I'll fill in a few details and try to tell my tale.
Last March i weighed 15 St 6 Lbs give or take a few ounces. Over the last 12 months i have had stressful periods and i started to lose weight... i was quite relieved really but there seemed no other apparent reason.. but by Xmas I'd lost 3 St and it continued to fall off. A few friends commented that they didn't recognize me and that i looked ill.After Xmas I hoped that i would be able to put some of it back on, i was eating like a horse, huge breakfast's lunch and dinner and snacking in between but i just couldn't put the weight back, in fact i was still losing a few pounds until i was down to just under 12 St.
I was now concerned myself, though i hated visiting the Dr's i felt i had to...
My Dr nearly drained me of blood for a sample for this and a sample for that... asked me all sorts of questions.
It turned out i had a thyroid problem.. so steroids was the answer but i was also losing blood from my (putting it politely) bottom. A number of other symptoms led the Dr to send me for a scan which led to a biopsy...
It seemed that not only did i have the thyroid problem but i had several polyps in my colon. My family has a history of cancer, my grandmother died of bowel cancer and a number of other relatives have unfortunately died as a result of cancer.
The biopsy showed that the polyps were cancerous,so more steroids to reduce the size over a period of several weeks they were caught at a very early stage and therefore could be removed by laser surgery this was back in April this year.
I now return to have a scan periodically for another 3 months to make sure I'm all clear, and the thyroid isn't a problem at the moment, though I'm not gaining weight I'm no longer losing it, my Dr tells me I'm at my ideal weight at 12 St 8 Lbs and i feel fine... fit as a fiddle i suppose you could say.

My problem fades into insignificance compared to Pebbles and some of the others I've read about.. Mikes wife with Crohn's disease.. again that was something my Dr wanted to consider as a possible cause for my weight loss, but fortunately I've been very lucky to have caught the problem that i was diagnosed with so early.
If it hadn't been for the thyroid problem i would have continued to suffer and the problem could have become worse.
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Wow, a new forum just for us!
This Cancer Corner forum has got to be one of the most rewarding areas of discussion within TLF that we have ever had in my nearly 4 years of membership!!

I am quite happy to log in every day just to read its content and Tapu problems and mosquitos seem to pale into insignificance in comparison.

I always said that people giving vent to their honest feelings and experiences from the inside are absolutely priceless. During the 6 months before my Mum died at 87 of cancer, our emotional bond and time together was priceless too and I will never forget that time.
Unfortunately when you are healthy,your life seems the norm and you take it for granted but you should live EVERY day as if it was your last and be thankful.

Listening to all these members makes me so glad I met them cyberly on this forum , read their stories and felt their emotions.

Thank you to the lovely Pebble and Mushtaq too from me for the opportunity.

It is to many a sad depressing subject but after this forum its positively uplifting!!!
NOBODY is wallowing and EVERYBODY is positive.

Thank you from me to everybody on these threads!
Wow, a new forum just for us!
Claire, welcome and please accept my sincere respect toward your victory, you won over cancer, it is not only physical, it is mental matter. Sure, you went through a big thing, and you learned very much. My only advise would be "Keep thinking positively. Think the way that you would be one of those who beat the cancer once and forever, no return, and you will enjoy life with and for your beloved ones"
Wow, a new forum just for us!
Hi All

After being a member on the Forum since December 2007, this is the first of me knowing about this thread.

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in October 2008, and started treatment in January 2009

Before treatment started, I made a vow to climb Ben Nevis, in May 2009, as part of Ben Nevis Challenge organised by Dundee City Council Social Work.
For info Ben Nevis is Britain's highest mountain

My aim was to prove that I could do it and whilst doing the climb, raising funds for our local Maggies Centre. (to date raised about £600).

For those that are not aware, Maggies provides support for Cancer Sufferers, families and friends of people diagnosed with Cancer.

Well on 9th May 2009, we set of in torrential rain which eased to a steady downpour which soon turned to sleet, the higher we went the worse the weather became, until we were climbing in blizzaed and white out conditions, (remember this is Scotland in the spring). We reached the summit and were then quickly ordered to turn back by Mountain Rescue. But I made the summit and realised my goal.
And Maggies will be richer in my efforts. The effort certainly deserved the few Malt Whiskies that I had on my return.

For those that are aware of the Medical terms, my PSA levels in my blood have reduced from 12 to a low of 1.1
My GP reckons that regards the little "C" buggers have been demolished and I am sorted. (how's that for medical terms)

To whoever started this sub-forum, a Big Thank You.


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