Worse Than Animals !
They should be subjected to the same treatment. Better policing and CCTV might have helped.


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Worse Than Animals !
How can people be so cruel? They when caught should get an extremely long prison term.

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Worse Than Animals !
I favour the 9mm lead injection, but fear that would be too quick. How about putting them (individually) into a smallish enclosure with a bull or some other largish animal which would butt them to death?


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Worse Than Animals !
l do get extremely angry the way the system has allowed such behaviour to flourish with their own stupid policies of protecting the evil minds but will not punish.
The real root cause to this evil spreading are the one's that have pampered to the whims of the minds that are evil.
You cannot touch a kid anymore and they know it,so intervening will lead to an arrest,but not the criminal.
human rights seem to favour the criminal more then the people with kind hearts.No wonder you hear this so often now in Britian,since the government has enforced policies in protecting the evil minds and has abandoned the right thinking behaviour.
Find out who the parents are and penalize them with a heavy fine and naming the family.Their offspring should be put to work under strict supervision in cleaning up the zoo without any reward until they have realized what they have done 8 hours a day 6 days a week,until they repent.
And to make them understand the difference between what is precious in life to what type of attitude can destroy life.
l won't go on,because once l get on my high horse on issue like this one,l just jump straight in there with my views on what should be done..
Britian is sick and is deterriating by the day,because this stupid system will not give out the right antidope to cure the society.


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Worse Than Animals !
This is a terrible to happen. How can people be so cruel?
The poor suffering animals - what must have gone through the animals minds when it was happening must be horrific.
These thugs have terrible problems in their lives and they are taking it out on poor defenceless creatures to make them feel tough but really it shows what kind of people they are, very small cowards.



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Worse Than Animals !
They are nothing but lowlife scum probably on drugs as useual . Why feed them in jail or waste injectons , Teach them about wildlife . & throw them to some crocodiles or make guns legal for ten minutes then we could put them down We cannot blow thier brains out . They dont have any !


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Worse Than Animals !
Such sickening behaviour must be punished, i don't believe in national service per se. However i do feel some kind of restrictive regime should be available to enable these sorts of people to be remanded to. I would not however wish this kind of person on the brave patriots that man our armed forces.
Worse Than Animals !
i cant understand what makes kids behave with such cruelty towards defenceless animals. every time this kind of behaviour is brought to light İ feel so depressed and sad.

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