World Animal Day
Just like to say a Big Thankyou to Kipa, Migros, Tansas and all other stores who took part in the World Animal Day reductions in pet foods, I'm sure the animals would say thankyou as well if they were able to. Good Luck to all Animal Lovers who received a bargain today for their pets. Moggycat


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World Animal Day
I also tried Azda and Carrefour, but they were not taking part, unfortunately. The Migros selection was pretty poor, but managed one large bag to help out the hungry!!
World Animal Day
A friend and I arrived at Migros at 9.10 (they open at 9.00) to find the sheves completely cleared! However a kind assistant directed us to another area of the store and we were able to buy the last 2 big bags of Pedigree and some cat food.

As we left a small street dog was sitting outside. He had obviously heard that it was World Animal Day and was patiently waiting - I opened the dog food and gave him a nice breakfast!!!

Thanks Migros.


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World Animal Day
Tansas had a good selection right by the entrance and the fact that animal food was "%50 Indirim" was being well advertised around the store.

We spent an hour or so at the animal sanctuary and a group of us have agreed that we'll spend an afternoon a week up there taking the dogs for walks on leads. This'll hopefully give them a better chance for adoption if they can show that they're already "user friendly".

As well as the older dogs, there are several puppies up there at the moment that are at just the right age for re-homing. Luckily for us, we went up there on a scooter, otherwise I'm sure we'd have had another couple of additions to "Molly's Gang".
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World Animal Day
Well I got to the Yalikavak Migros at 12 30 - thought I would be too late but they had loads of 15 kg bags of assorted food and were unpacking more as I stood there -
If you could see my front room now you would laugh as I spent 700 tl and do not know just where to store it all !
The street animals of Yalikavak will be very well fed again this winter -- thank you World Animal Day and to all the stores who participated -- big thumbs down to Carrefour who did not reduce anything !!
By the way there were 2 very scraggy mangy dogs sitting outside Migros when I came out so they both got a lovely big Jumbone and some Markies for a treat !


World Animal Day
Yes...Thank you Migros in Marmaris from a very appreciative owner and a deliriously happy pup!! ( plus the kitties down the road and the now less forlorn dog I meet when taking my little oik for her walks):cheer2:

There was tons available and the staff worked very hard to keep up with the demand loading huge pallets with all manner of doggy and kitty treats as well as the huge bags of animal feed.

Thanks also to the shoppers NOT buying animal feed.........must have been a tad frustrating for them to be queuing behind the trolley loads of animal lovers at all the checkouts. They all were smiling and happily waiting patiently to put their own goods through.:cheer2:



World Animal Day
Tansas on Gundogan to Yalikavak road was excellent too. My guy stored up on dog food for his 2 labradors for the winter at half price........helps him survive winter on his UK pension.....(Cant believe I am dating a pensioner !!!!)
World Animal Day
Well Mumsie and I made our way to our Migros for 9am. There was only 1 other European there buying the dog food. The Manager asked me how I knew about the half price sale and I told him it was highlighted on TLF :)
By the time we left there was a nice queue snapping up the bargains.

Yesterday evening I had four new strays lined up on my balcony waiting to be fed. How do they know??

Soo x


World Animal Day
Soo they know - I had several more cats yesterday I'm sure they saw me come back with the goodies on Sunday!!

Our new (to us) little dog is also well catered for. As is the recent doggy visitor we now have.

I'll start saving for my new shoes again!!

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