Wood Treatment Advice
Hello everyone. Am back in our house and busy doing some maintenance jobs. We have three wooden framed windows which face our swimming pool - and due south. I have lightly sanded them and restained them every year with Silvanol in Teak but it just doensn't seem to be doing the job. They are only 7 years old but are looking in very bad shape this spring.

I wonder if the fact they get some cholrinated water splashed on them doesn't help. Should I buy a treatment more suited for boat decking ? Or are there much more serious wood treatments and Silvanol is just stain ? Does anyone have any bright ideas as they are looking very dry and sad (bit like me after winter in England !!)

Many thanks, Emma. :hmm:


Wood Treatment Advice
this may be oldschool but;

first you remove all the dye ,etc from the surface; than you dust it than burn in if you apply anything before burning especially dye will not be absorbed properly.

best would be replacing them with PVC...or you have to do that evryr 2-3 years...

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