Wireless internet 2
I didnt want to disrupt the other thread on wireless internet so started this one.

This is my problem.

I have laptop working ok off wireless at home (uk)
When I take it to Turkey it works ok from one neighbours wireless (with his permission)
Another neighbour it does not work even though just a few feet away (also have his permission)
At a couple of cafes it does not work, again while only a few feet away and others sitting there have internet access, I did ask if I required a code or anything and they replied no.

Any ideas on why it only works at some venues?


Wireless internet 2
There are a number of reasons why it wouldn't work. Sometimes the owner of the router are not aware of the way the router is setup. Besides the encryption type that is used you can also restrict who connects by the mac address of persons laptop. For instance you could turn off encryption(sometimes it can be a pain) and just enter the mac addresses of people you want to allow. By doing that you exclude anyone else. They may not be aware that it is set up that way. Another reason may be that the dhcp(gives out ip addresses automatically) isn't working and you are not picking up an ip address. You could hard code one in and try that way. Run the ipconfig /all as set up previously and look in the list for the wireless connection. It should say dhcp=yes and there should be some values listed. If it says yes and the values listed are then it isn't picking up an ip address.

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