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Windows LIES
Last night, I tried using windows media player (usually use VLC) it was as usual a load of c**p, (it's never really worked well for me) so i decided to get rid (it's hard to delete it fully), but after numerous "warnings" about certain programs not working properly, (they actually still do, it's lies) , i did it. Just now i got a notification that new updates were ready to install. I read each one thoroughly and downloaded 2 (didn't download the one for windows media player, it's gone now) in the remaining 2, NOWHERE did it say anything about any updates for windows media player,they were supposed to be security updates, yet after installing them, i went to "add- remove programs" in control panel , clicked "show updates", and there were 3 for windows (one for media player and also the dreaded "windows genuine advantage" nagware.) I've just got rid of all 3, and the "WGA" went with them. Microsoft keep trying to send this load of c**p out so do what i've just done if you download any updates 'cos if you get WGA, it'll keep telling you your copy of windows isn't genuine (sometimes even if it is). Tried firefox this morning, but (personal choice) just didn't like it, it seemed slow. Ted


Windows LIES
i'm using firefox since yesterday, although i've now got internet explorer back, and i'm not keen either. it is a lot slower, and i can't find my way around as easy as i ex. i don't find the instructions that clear, but that's probably because i'm a bit slow too!! lol


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Windows LIES
Well done Ted they are so bloody annoying sometimes

I find windows Media Player OK tho no problems as yet.

I use Chrome and have no problems with it at all, i prefer it to IE & FF.

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