Window Shutters and mosi nets
Can anyone suggest a good company in Akbuk for roller shutters I would like to keep the business in Akbuk but Altinkum would be fine .
We did get a price from one place in Akbuk(on the lefthand side going in from
Altinkum) but we can only have brown on our site and he only does brown in aluminium which makes them double the price of pastic.

Any info will be great



Window Shutters and mosi nets
I have been informed (I am sure someone will clarify this) that the roller shutters, if its the plastic type are easily `slashed` with a sharp blade and therefore not very burglar proof. I was recommeneded in the past to go for metal shutters.

Akbuk Rob

Window Shutters and mosi nets
I don't know about being able to be slashed with a knife but I had a good look at my neighbour plastic shutters and concluded they are not that strong, especially for a villa or ground floor apartment where a would be burglar could work on them from firm ground.

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