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Am Just sitting in Cafe More with Dave the Bus - We have had a very busy day trying to sort out what will happen when he dies! The morbid old git has got me planning his wake and your all invited! Not that I think it will be anytime soon!

Dont worry, he has not been diagnosed with anything terminal or diagnosed at all (well apart from a bit loopy) but we have been to the solicitor to sort out his complicated wishes. And it looks like he will be accompanying me to the UK to assist the process (try calling the woolwhich now it has been taken over by Barclays from a non touch tone phone in Turkey!!) Deep Joy!

I myself need to be in London on 10th to 16th December and have looked up the hotel prices agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh - anyone with a spare room for rent let me know!!

Better go now and stop the old git from drinking too much EFES!!

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