Will dogs cope with weather
My friends might be moving to turgutreis next year and i am worried that our dogs might not aclimatise to the weather? there are two at 4 & 6 years and two 9 month shepherds, could anyone give me an honest opinion plus ways to adjust them if any. Thankyou


Will dogs cope with weather
Hi Maria, my dog was 6 when I brought him here and he adjusted very well. I just make his morning walk shorter when its very hot. Good luck, things will be fine.


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Will dogs cope with weather
I have three dogs, two rescued from here and one who was bought in from England, to be honest there is nothing to tell between them, they tend to lie in the house under the ceiling fans or in the shade in summer, they are walked very early in the morning before it gets to hot, and it helps I think that they swim in the sea which obviously cools them down.

I think that as long as they have shade, and plenty of water they should be OK

I'm sure that there will be others who might be able to offer you more advice


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Will dogs cope with weather
Well i would move in the autum or winter so they get used to the gradgual build up of heat . and very early morning and late evening walks . Please be careful on beaches and even pavements as they can burn thier paws . in the heat of the day .. so better not to walk them then except on grass . keep wet towels handy just incase .....Diane


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Will dogs cope with weather
We brought our 2 Springer Spaniels out from England 5 years ago and they adapted very well. Just make sure that there's always plenty of clean fresh drinking water available and somewhere shaded for them.


Will dogs cope with weather
In the heat of the summer we used to put a wet towel on the floor for our black lab, used to be a fight between her and the wife to see who could lie on it first! Hose pipe in the garden cools them down too!


Will dogs cope with weather
We brought our dog here 2 years ago. Copes well in the summer; lazy mornings sleeping in the sun and when it gets too hot she sleeps if off in the coolest part of the house, the basement. She loves 'this' time of the year, watery sunshine and long walks. We worried unnecessarily before we made the move she's adapted really well. If she could speak I think she would thoroughly recommend it.


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Will dogs cope with weather
We moved out here in 2007 with five dogs. Cavalier King Charles, a pomeranian, yorkie terrier and two Japanese Chins. We moved at the end of the summer because of the dogs, so the temperature was dropping. In the summer we clip them down to a number 2 or 3. Our dogs were rescues in the uk and when we moved here, the youngest was 9 - oldest 15. You'll be surprised how much they like the warm weather. Does wonders for the aches and pains, and the hair grows back so fast.
For peace of mind, get a good vet. Call into Pethane on the main road at Konacik. All the vets speak English and there is an English lady called Carley who is just fantastic.
Good Luck


Will dogs cope with weather
We moved out here in November last year with a 10 year old German Shepherd and a 2 year old Briard, and a 12 year old cat. They all love it and have adapted very well. In the hotest months they find the coolest place in the house and just lie about a lot. We keep the Briard clipped as she has a very long, thick coat, and we got the local fibre glass guy to make a paddling pool for them and they love it.



Will dogs cope with weather
Paddling pool! Love it! People after our own hearts.
In fact, when we were thinking of moving to our villa permenantly we kept the childrens pool for our dogs to use.
As it turned out we decided against moving there, but its nice to know the dogs do not seem unduly troubled by the heat.


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Will dogs cope with weather
i brought my german shepherd over 3 years ago and he is fine ,so no need to worry


Will dogs cope with weather
You know what they say about mad dogs?? Well, I must have 3. The two that like laying out in the roasting sun the most are the 2 black ones!!!!! We always have a nice big bowl of water for them and they can choose to go into the shade if they like.

Also I put them in the pool for a swim and that cools them down and turns them into loonies for a while after, LOL!!

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