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Wild flower identification
This thread is really a continuation of Bobs, Countryside theme. I have already mentioned that where we take the dog for a walk is very beautiful but at the moment there are so many wild flowers that I have never seen before that I wondered if there is a web site that covers the name and pictures of what I have found. I am a great lover of orchids and think that one of the flowers I want to identify is perhaps a wild orchid. It is maroon in colour a little like a cymbidium, the grasses (I am not a lover of grasses) well I have never seen such beautiful grasses with hanging heads of green and purple. There are bushes that have white flowers that look like hanging orange blossom. I have been very naughty and picked a bunch of these flowers, but only from spots where they are in abundance.

So anyone out there with knowledge please pass it on.
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