Sky News online report a Court victory for a family in Americe.
A radio station near to where they lived, arranged for a competition between a
number of people, the winner to receive a WII.
The contestants agreed to drink water, and the person who was the last one to visit the toilet would be the winner.
The contest was called a WII for a Wee.
Sadly the winner of this bizarre contest paid with her life.
Pathologists report said she had consumed almost two gallons of water.
Her husband and children were awarded $16,000,000.


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So sad she died, absolutely sick with " irresponsible " TV and radio programmes, if only such harsh penalties were awarded against some of our " entertainment " programmes.

The only thing that is understood by Television producers is the balance sheet, and the possibility of a Big Red Minus underlined.

Sad,,, Steve.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
That's very sad, but crazy game shows!!! I only have to consume half a lager and I want to WII, sorry, wee.


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