Wifi in Bodrum Airport
Hi all,

I have recently returned from akbuk and whilst in bodrum airport detected many unlocked wifi sevices, however they only take you to a web page that requires password etc, the website stated that scratch cards were available to get wifi credits (long story short but it does say it somewhere!) I enquired at the information desk and was duly pointed in the direction of the coffee bar, the lady explained that they would be able to help me. I asked as advised and was told "no, outside" with her hands giving me directions to go back out of the initial security entry. Confused by this I then asked the guy in the small kiosk and he also said "outside". Why? I thought

It seemed that nobody knew about any such scratch cards and thought that I had to be outside to get wifi, I was however getting great signal inside, there was a option to pay by credit card but I didn't want to put my card details in to the site provider as it wasn't anything important and all the other obvious reasons for data entry on a turkish site (not that the Turkish companies are doggy but would rather not over the wifi net in Turkey if you understand what I mean!)

Now, there can be many hours to wait at bodrum airport ( 8 hours last year - not good) and once you've gone through to the main departure lounge or the captured market as I call it, where they charge £8.00 for a beer and something crazy for a burger - it would be nice to while a way some time looking at emails etc (sad I know but this is the geeky section!), so does anyone know what the score is in regards to this (not the price of beer!) It would be great to email back home or even try some Skype phone calls.

Any info warmly welcomed.



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