WIFI Gatwick
Has anyone had any experience using WIFI at gatwick airport?

If so is there any charge and do you need a password to log on?


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WIFI Gatwick
I was extremly disapointed when I was at Gatwick, I thought you would get a free WiFi somewhere like an airport, but alass no, there are the usual Tmobile, O2, Vodaphone etc, all needing a payment for there sevice.
WIFI Gatwick
i bought a small dongle from Vodafone for £30 off Ebay which had £15 credit on it. A pay as you go dongle about 4 months ago. You can top it up in £15 lumps. I still have £8 on it and use it very often, take it out and on hols so I can use it at uk airports etc...I am very happy with it as there is no contract and no time limit in using your credit either, the £15 credit will prob keep me going 8-9 months....I use it over my nannies etc.....works well at Gatwick and Stansted Airports.....some dongles have free access to uk wifi hotspots too, but these are normally the contract more expensive ones....

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