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Whose Side Are They On ?
I guess we will have the usual "Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear" brigade coming on here to defend this.
This is just evidence of a police service that has lost touch with what it is there for and the separation from the public is what is exemplified by this article.

UK is now a Police State by the standard definition.


PS from Wiki:

"The United Kingdom is felt by some to be moving in the direction of a police state, with biometric identity cards, mass surveillance and detention without trial all having been introduced by the government. The UK has been described as "the most surveilled country". Protests within a half-mile radius of the Houses of Parliament are illegal in the UK unless authorised by the Metropolitan Police. Leading politicians have been arrested under conditions of secrecy. Claims of police state behaviour have been dismissed by the UK government"
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Whose Side Are They On ?
Well when "Nu Labour" got in I voted with my feet! Bring back the Monster Raving Loony Party, It makes sense!


Whose Side Are They On ?
I am just so glad that we are living in Turkey, which does have it's own problems of course, but nothing like what is now happening in the UK. Do'nt get me wrong mind you, I still love my country of birth. But the way I see it the UK is truly starting to become a fully police state with strong echoes of "1984"
I still buy the English newspapers just to see what is going on and truly a lot just horrifies me.


Whose Side Are They On ?
At the risk of turning this into another 'knock the UK' thread, what do we have to offer?

With a government of fear-ridden, ignorant apprentices, we are now overpopulated, over surveillanced and we have no craft, technology, agriculture or culture to export.

Sorry, I have PMT...

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