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Who Is Neda ?
Neda Agha Soltan, born 1982, died 20 June 2009, was an Iranian woman whose killing, by Basij militia during the 2009 Iranian election protests, was captured on video by bystanders. The graphic videos were posted on the Internet, and her name quickly became a rallying cry for the opposition.

Who is Neda? We Are All Neda


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Who Is Neda ?
There is a photo of her in today's newspapers as she lies on the road close to death. She makes eye contact with the camera - it is a really spooky picture - and you can her last vision on earth is a camera lens capturing the moment she expires.



Who Is Neda ?
Now she is in Iranians hearts as symbol of freedom.I salute her for her brave heart and love for her beloved country.
Rest in peace dear beautiful girl.
Who Is Neda ?
i saw her last night on tv..very disturbing images.
İ believe there will be some very violent times ahead for İran and a pwer struggle is gathering momentum.Lets hope the West and İsrael keep out of it and allow the İranian people take control of their own fate.
İt was the İranians themselves that got rid of the Shah and the Ayatollahs were brought in. Now i believe their day is over and people want a less restrictive regime.


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Who Is Neda ?
Without wishing to detract in any way from Neda's terrible sacrifice, it strikes me as a pertinent observation that the peaceful protesters against Ahmedinijad is populated noticeably with Women like Neda. Conversely Ahmedinijad's supporters are always overwhelmingly male. Without knowing much about the argument, this fact alone made me side with Ahmedinejad's opponents.

Is it coincidence that on one hand the argument is markedly peaceful, and on the other redolent with violence ?

Peace be with you Neda.


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