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Whisky and Aspirin for Longevity
I was chatting to my Dad the other day. He's 85 now and swears by the Whisky and Aspirin Regime to guarantee longevity.

Apparently it's quite simple. You take 1 Aspirin in the morning for your heart and a tot of Whisky in the evening for longevity.

He says that it can be a bit of a struggle to remember to take to take the Aspirin in the mornings. He reckons he's forgotten about 10 times.

But he says it's OK, because he's made up for it by drinking 3 months doses of whisky ahead.



Whisky and Aspirin for Longevity
We have a couple of 90 year old living just up the lane. I visit them most days around mid-morning when I find them well down thier first bottle of red wine. Many is the time I have wobbled home with my head spinning.
Doctors say the wife, Eve, is suffering from Alczimers (can't spell that) but I reckon she's just constantly tiddly!
It must work though, because Les, the husband, still gardens his half acre and grows all thier own vegetables.


Whisky and Aspirin for Longevity

Line up your Dad for a nationwide lecture tour of all the Local Authority/Health Service "Lifestyle Nazis" and give them a dose of reality!
He is my first hero of 2010!

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Whisky and Aspirin for Longevity
Good on your Dad, and may the Aspirin and Whisky, give him many more years to come, agree with Giglets/Dave, he's my hero too. God bless all our seniors who are still fit enough to enjoy this wonderful life.


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Whisky and Aspirin for Longevity
My friend's Scottish Granny followed the same regime - half an aspirin though. She was fabulous for her age.

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