While in Turkey, has anyone ever eaten . . .
Turkish rhubarb (ışgın)

I don't know how widespread it is available, because I have only ever seen it sold in the south east of the country although that could just be because I happened to be there while it was in season. I saw people eating it, and had no idea what it was. An old chap on a coach saw I was curious and gave me one to try. (It was really bitter). He fell about laughing at my puckered reaction, and my spluttered 'guzel' by saying not it's not, it's not eaten for taste, it's eaten for it health giving properties.

Has anyone else tried something that they had no idea what they were eating?
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While in Turkey, has anyone ever eaten . . .
Thank you- had no idea there was a Turkish rhubarb, tho doesnt sound quite the same..
Have I ever tried something without knowing what it was... probably one of those sublime soups... Iskembe or Kelle Paca....... ( NAH not telling!!!!!)

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