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Where do you do it?
That question could mean anything! What I'm getting at though is where are you when you're posting on TLF and what do you use?

I use a laptop and in different rooms in my house, depending on what else I'm doing. Wireless is great because you're not restricted but for a long time I had a desktop pc situated in one room.

This is great though - I can even lie in bed and talk to you all, lazy bugger that I am.......

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Where do you do it?
This is my little hideout,where l can be left in peace to write whats on my mind of interests[well to me,l think makes great reading]l have the seaview that is only 300 meters away,if my goes blank on a topic,does refresh my thoughts and off l go again tapping away.
Sorry of the half eaten sarny,l forgot about that one.



Where do you do it?
well i use my laptop for any internet activity, i tend to not move it about unless am exhausted then lie in bed with it... well this is the spot where i use it... nice and relaxing enough for me.... p.s im wireless too!

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Where do you do it?
I'm in the garden under the parasol. Laptop on my knee, french windows open and the telly on listening to sky sports news. This is the life C :)


Where do you do it?
In the garage extension on my Mac, on my company laptop in hotels and on my Iphone out on the road.:heh:
Where do you do it?
This is just too much for me to take in - I`ve been to Rabbie Burn`s Cottage, John Ruskins House, Beatrix Potters abode, Robert Louis Stevenson`s dwelling, JK Rowlings cafe and now ....to the centre of wisdom itself.... Bob The Nob`s` Place. I can just sense the wonderful, original and unique thoughts which generate from this quiet little corner of Akbuk. The unfinished sandwich perhaps suggests an interrupted moment of academic discovery which has resulted in him rushing out to share it with us less enlightened mortals.(lol) (I think my drink has been spiked)

Thanks for sharing it with us Bob, it looks quite comfy.

Mine is Jean`s laptop, located in our Living Room - usually surrounded by children or toys, which resembles Disneyland at times...... No peace for the wicked they say.
Where do you do it?
i too am wireless using laptop sat in my sitting room on a rare scorching hot summers day! i love the fact i can take it anywhere and my baby will soon be accompanying us on our trip to turkey


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Where do you do it?
I have a whole room to myself (well, and the cats) which serves as my office, library (three book cases full of books) and crafting centre!!! Not on wireless and it is so untidy in here at the moment that I wouldn't dare show you a picture of it!!!


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Where do you do it?
When i joined the forum i had a laptop, but i gave it to my daughter. Now i'm fixed to the spare room.



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Where do you do it?
On my laptop either outside on the bottom balcony/by the pool enjoying the sun.

If it's too hot i'm inside with the air con on!


Where do you do it?
I'm in a space that was once an airing cupboard - we call it our 'stuby'. Its big enough for shelves, the 'puter and printer etc and its my bolt hole from the world. Molly x


Where do you do it?
Desktop in the living room hooked up to my 37inch LCD with a wireless keyboard with built in mousepad (its a bit like a laptop with the screen taken off) I have the audio connected to my amp for surround sound and I can lie back on the couch and type away to my heart’s content.

The screen has picture in picture so I can watch telly and view the computer at the same time.

No wonder I'm getting fat



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Where do you do it?
I'm on my laptop which is sitting on a Homer Simpson Lap tray (more comfortable than just on my lap) in front of my 37" Lcd telly watching the BBC News at the moment.

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