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When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
I was just wondering if and when we truly grow up,oh yes, I like to think at some point most fly the nest, earn a living,provide a roof for there own heads, maybe start a family and so on and so forth being responsible for ourselves and maybe a family,Grown up.
But my question is.....That thinking inside our Minds, to act and be grown up, instead of still behaving like children.
I realise not everyone on here has children,so not faced that challenge of bringing them up the best they can teaching them right and wrong,to be fair with others, it is hard to teach children good and bad, as sometimes they cannot see it and only believe themselves to be right.
But speaking, I best say for myself...... as I may well be accused, of accusing others otherwise,I can sometimes act like a child and also realising it, at that moment of time of doing it,and often thinking to myself how childish that was ,what I had said or done, and if my Mother or Father had been around I probably would have been given a clip round the ear for saying or doing what I had done. At the age of 53 still sometimes, acting like a child.
And so we have our children try to teach them the way to behave towards others as they would like to be treated themselves, no nasty stuff, and a few years down the line we find ourselves behaving as we would have taught others not to behave.
And...... I do not mean we all have to live boring lives,acting like angels , we all have to let our hair down what I am trying to get across is, To behave unto others as you would have others behave unto you. And a bit of respect for others would not go amiss aswell,
So I wonder how many can say, hand on heart they have not said or done something childish,just maybe a little bit spiteful shall we say...... say in the last month,just think about it for a while.
I know I have.

Mo x


When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Last night the War Department and I had an argument just before bed. She said that I was stupid and childish and I'd have to sleep on the sofa.

Jokes on her really. I built a fort out of cushions on the sofa and hung up a sign saying 'No Girls Allowed
When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Many still say to me "GROW UP"!!
I think that you are your personality and you act how you wish.
I dont really think there is any such thing as GROWING UP because it really means "Dont be yourself,be as others or society or the NORM want you to behave!!
Provided you are not hurting anyone, BE YOURSELF!!
I HATE this growing old gracefully philosophy and that you have to behave in a "Being Middle aged" manner and accept it.

Follow where your personality and soul takes you and live life how YOU want.
The BRAIN is the most important organ in the body and the most powerful.
Its well documented that it can influence the health of the body so think what age you want to be and BE that age.

When you get older its the MIND that may try to tell you "Oh no I cant or shouldnt do that, not at MY age".
Dont impose limits but let your brain tell the body "This is how I want you to behave so KEEP UP!!!

Look at the brilliant Soo
Cancer issues for some years but behaves like she is 21 and does what her soul tells her rather than think about how her body might feel about it.
ROCK ON that woman.

NEVER grow up,just be YOU
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When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Couldn't agree more Terry, the child inside of me plays out very often, lol. Why not be the person you are inside, just because, for me I am in my 56th year, I still feel young at heart. Now dressing is a different matter, I like to choose carefully as although I could wear the latest fashion of those 7" heels, Ahem I would look stupid because I couldn't walk in them. :hehe:

Yes let that person inside you play out and often.


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When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
good post Mo , i would like to think i am in the Peter Pan syndrome i don't want to grow up, i just keep looking for my Tinker Bell lol . dave
When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Hmmm, you really have set me thinking Mojive.
I suppose we have to differentiate between "childish" behaviour and "child-like" behaviour. To me "childish" behaviour can be, spiteful, nasty,and insulting in our dealings with others. A trait I sincerely hope I do not have.
But "child-like" behaviour! Now at 56 yrs old, I still have that in abundance and that's the thing that sets me free. Although there are times when my husband thinks I am nuts. I love to let my inner child run loose. I hope I never loose her, or the ability to see and marvel at the wonders of the world through the eyes of a child. To see raindrops dancing on a pool of water, to wonder whats on the other side of the moon, to look at the clouds and try to make shapes from them, to look out the window of a plane at the clouds and imagine another planet, to come across a bird's nest, to see swans in flight,to find a shop window where I can copy Harry Worth, LOL. I could go on and on. These are just some of the things that my inner child shares with me and I in turn share them with my grandchildren. And for that I love her and I will never stifle her.
Oh I am getting all soppy now, Lol.



When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Well Mary, it sound like my inner child and yours would get along just fine!!! I can remember so many times in the UK to be told to 'get off that swing', grow up' (meaning don't enjoy yourself) and my husband does despair sometimes bless him and after so many years he says I still surprise him sometimes with how I behave - like a wonderous child seeing things for the first time. But isn't that what life is about - seeing, really seeing and enjoying? How many people don't stop to watch a butterfly, look with wonder at the shades of the sky, enjoy the richness of newly green trees in Spring etc etc??? - So many miss out and lets hope we continue as we are - seeing, feeling and enjoying the wonders of life.


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When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
never! i'm 63 in July, or at least my body is. in my heart and soul i'm still a teenager, and i intend to stay that way for as long as i can!
Me, I'm never going to get old or at least I'll die trying.

Why is it that after a certain age, people tell you to grow up and act your age?

Is it only teenagers etc that have the monopoly on having fun and making a fool of themselves?


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When to be grown up? (or do we ever grow up?)
Growing up to me is a state of mind. At 67 years on this planet I am still a kid at heart. After nearly killing myself attempting to use a skate board on a friends driveway when leaving a party, I was told to "grow up".
When my great grandkids come round I will get down with them & play at their level, then when I struggle to get back up through arthritic pains , I hear "you silly old fool you`ll never learn".
I am adult the majority of the time but I think that thinking & acting young at appropriate times keeps me going.
Growing old is not for sissies, but it sure beats the alternative.
Just before he died at 91 my dad told me that in his mind he was still a teenager.

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