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What's on from 20 to 28 August in Antalya
Hi everyone

Please help!
I and my wife and my little girl arrive in Antalya thursday
20 August until 28 August and would like to know what is going on during that time.

Concerts(any country&language),bale festival, fireworks, events for us.

Would really appreciate any info on this for antalya

Best regard



What's on from 20 to 28 August in Antalya
Hi Payam and welcome to the forum, its a shame youre not around for the Saturday when we have a special tour of the ancient city of Perge with members of the excavation team from Istanbul as our guides, getting us in to the places the public dont usually get to see.

Not sure yet about official stuff going on but theres loads to do for you, theres always concerts each night at the fountains in the city center, theres Luna Park funfair for your daughter (and you maybe :) ) loads of live music in the old town each night.

We have a lot of information on Antalya Expats .com - A Directory and resource for everything in Antalya, Turkey if you wanted to know a bit more about Antalya and an events calendar (Events) that gets updated very regularly by the members so if you keep an eye on it Im sure the local events will go up as we find out about them.

Have fun and enjoy wonderful Antalya :)


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What's on from 20 to 28 August in Antalya
Hi Payam,

Where in Antalya are you staying? Is it the main city itself or somewhere else within the province?

Antalya is hosting an international sand sculpture festival over at Lara Beach and this could be a worthwhile visit. The theme is based on "mythology" and will feature all aspects of this from many countries and cultures..i myself plan to go over and visit sometime soon.

Mack mentioned Luna Park for your little girl but there is also Aqualand/Dolphinland that is situated right beside the Hillside Su Hotel in Konyaalti.

I'll ask around to see if more events are taking place over the week for you.

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