Whats in your garden
Well I have just had a lovley day working in the garden here in the south east of GB, its been a fabulous day and I just love being out there at this time of year.
We have about half an acre, pretty much divided in equal parts to vegetables and flowering garden with lots of trees including 7 fruit trees.
Most of the veggies are in now, including all the different beans, red cabbages, courgettes, butternut squash and cauli. Its still very mild and not at all wet so sprouts, leeks, swede, parsnip and carrots are still in the ground ready to dig when we want them.
Today I have cleared the greenhouses of the last of the tomatoe and cucumber and pepper plants, so it is now ready to over-winter some of the tubs of flowering plants just in case of frost. Then next spring they will once again get turfed out to make way for tray after tray of seedlings, some veg and some annuals.
I have also dug over the potato patch and dumped 3 containers of home-made compost in there ready for the only potatoes I grow which is 'first earlies' which get planted next spring.
Tomorrow I shall get the big mower out to 'hoover' up some of the millions of fallen leaves which will make more lovley compost and I also need to cut the aspargus back so it sprouts nice fresh roots next year.
So whats in your garden and what chores are you busy with out there?
Whats in your garden
Hi Stella,
Yep the weather has been brilliant and we have been doing very similar minus the vegetables (Sainsburys shopping trolley!!)
We had a greenhouse that Mum gave me years ago but we never used it so gave it to a neighbour!!
Using a big cylinder mower is a great way to hoover up the leaves for us too as our garden backs on to a small stream with a copse of trees that shed every leaf on to our garden!!
Our garden starts at the house end with a low walled patio and a pergola on the left with a wisteria over it. It was just a tree initially but careful training of the long tentacles has grown it over the structure as shade in summer. There is a little bench under it.
The rest of the garden is about 200ft long x 50ft wide (dont ask part of an acre as no idea!) laid mainly to lawn with a big apple tree and a garden shed at the bottom near the stream where I keep all my working stuff garden tools,mower,bbq,shredder, aerator ,strimmers etc.The compost heap is down there and the bonfire area too.
Halfway up we have an arch with a honeysuckle growing over it which breaks the lawn up a bit.
Two rhododendron bushes,wisteria and two rose bushes plus various little plants to the right and a big lavandi hedge on the left.
Sue does most of the planting and organising leaving me to the digging and mowing!!!
Under the apple tree is another bench for reading a paper on hot days.
Bliss but not so practical veg wise as yours Lol .
Enjoy the warm spell until this weekend.


Whats in your garden
3 scrap cars, pigeon shed, and an overflowing septic tank.
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Whats in your garden
In Wales we have given up the polytunnel and veg patch and leave the sheep to cut the grass and manure the land.The sheep do a good job of spreading the fallen leaves and they soon rot down.


But in Turkey we are quite happy cutting the grass and just training and trimming the bourganvillea



I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Whats in your garden
I don't realy have one !!! The previous owner had it slabbed over with expensive slabs I made a small grass area for the dogs and bought nice containers Hanging baskets and window boxe's . So i have lovely flowers in the summer . A hudge container with Pink pampas grass Patio roses And a Camelia planted in grass area and the walls coverd in Honeysuckle . But it suits my bad back and looks nice .... Diane


Whats in your garden
ive got a lawn which hasn't weathered the summer too well a crab apple tree which my sons dog prunes for me. Conifers and russian vine over the ugly shed and garage and flowers and clematis and honeysuckle which is in blown again, ooh and my pride and joy a tree thing at the bottom of the garden which has strange red cone type things on it in the summer and beautiful red leaves right now.


Whats in your garden
The Rhus tree also seeds itself readily so is easy to get more plants from, they're lovley.
Its interesting to see pictures of other peoples gardens (I want to move to Wales please) and I'm surprised not more people grow veggies, even in containers its so easy and nothing beats your own home-grown.
Now you've got me thinking about wisteria and hebe..........
Whats in your garden
pomegranits,,,almonds,,,and hundreds of mandarins,,,(although the mandarins aren't quite ready yet),,,two types of mandarin trees,,some which are yummy to eat and some which make great marmalade....

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