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What three things
Another "asky", What three things have you always wanted to do ? can be anything at all. Mine are easy. 1-juggle with 3 balls(mmmm) , no, seriously . 2- play piano with two hands. 3- (it was break a plate glass window, but I got to do it when I was about 6, there was a fire at a shop near where I lived, we all went down to see the firemen put it out, and the firechief said to one of them"you'd better break that window, we don't want a blowout". the designated fireman looked at me, and said "go on son here have this brick" . I threw it, and it went POWWWWWW, and shattered into a million pieces), so, 3- jam with paul mcCartney. what's yours.


What three things
1. Own a place in the sun. (nearly there)
2. Ride in a helicopter.
3. Everything in the world for my girls, you could possibly imagine.

Not necessarily in that order, my girls come first and I would sacrifice 1 and 2 for them, no worries, no hesitation.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
What three things
1. Retire early 50's (and did it)
2. Own a home abroad to, maybe retire to
3. Stay healthy in my Golden Years.
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I Love Kleopatra Beach !
What three things

I Would like to go in a hot air balloon ... all day .
Be with my Hubby every day
Win the lotto and share with various charitys



What three things
1.. Play the Squeezbox. 2..Retire to the sun.3..Have grandchildren...Bebs


What three things
1. Find and marry a man who loved me as much as I loved him and live happily ever after
2. Speak fluent Turkish (after learning for 2 years)
3. Tour the world


What three things
I'm trying to do this but I'm having real problems. I keep slipping into 'three wishes', and I'm at that age, where frankly, three is just not enough.
I need boundries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'll come back to this later.


What three things
1 go to malaya where my father was during his time in the army - just loved the stories he told us as a kid

2 own a hat shop

3 to stop worrying !


Golden Girls
What three things
I wish...
1. Would like to see my daughter examen to be a solicitor, (3.years now)
2. Once in a lifetime travel to Africa, Kenya to visit Karen Blixen`s farm, and see the
mountain where Karen Blixen`s lover was buried.
3. To became a grandmother.

Very selfishness wishes. :-((
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What three things
mine was things I wanted to do before I reached 60,

1. was to paraglide off Mount Babadag, I have vertigo ,I did do it and loved it,
2. was to white water raft, I cant swim and water really scares me, It turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done, also in Turkey,
3. is to be able to fly to Turkey without biteing my nails, after thousands of flights I still go to pieces,


What three things
Ride in a hot air balloon.

Go to Africa on safari while there are still some animals left

Ride on an elephant


What three things
Retire to Turkey.

See my wife get her "special" birthday card from the Queen/King

Live to see Celtic win the Champions League.

What three things
Only 3 things? Hmm I have so many really but to whittle it down:
1. Visit Capadoccia and do a balloon ride at sunrise.
2. For my brother to come to Turkey to visit me.
3. To fit back into my Levis again LOL

Soo x


What three things
For Soo to be her usual happy and upbeat self and not have to many worries.
For KKOB to be OK while I'm away.
For all of my family and friends everywhere to be happy and healthy in everything they do.

Not in any particular order either:blowkiss:


What three things
What! no world peace in there?

mine would be

Win the lottery (big!)
Retire to the country (at 50)
Become a politicion

chances of any of them?
dont buy lottery tickets so that ones out
didnt happen and with the current economic climate not likely to be before I hit 70
hmmm, maybe the lure of the expense account is getting more attractive after all


What three things
Wouldn't a wish for world peace be a total waste of a wish?

Because it simply isn't going to happen!


i just love my clique
What three things
1, for me and my family to stay healthy 2 ,get my tapu in my name lol 3, find a nice lady to spend the rest of my life with here in turkey

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