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What Sort of Driver Are You?
Research carried out by Aviva.

Which one of the following are you? Be honest now......

The Realist

You enjoy taking the odd risk. You’re not overly cautious in your driving and fairly realistic about your motoring experiences. In daredevil moments, you might jump amber lights. Nearly half of drivers believed they were sensible and courteous realists.

The Steady Eddie

You know your own driving isn’t always perfect but you’re aware others make mistakes too. You hate taking risks and usually stick religiously to the speed limit. Aviva’s research showed just 16% of drivers thought they fell in this category.

The Racing Driver

You often break the speed limit, overtake others and probably like to screech your tyres as you come around corners. You love taking risks, but will own up to any mistakes you make. Worryingly, nearly a quarter of "racing drivers" admitted to sometimes receiving phone calls at the wheel. A third confessed to driving fast to impress others.

The Chancer

Driving gives you a buzz so you drive fast, impulsively and aggressively. You are an outrageous risk-taker who is a fan of blind overtaking, tailgating and blaming others when things go wrong. The study suggested the most aggressive motorists on the road were aged 17-21, with drivers appearing to mellow with age.

The Opportunist

You occasionally like to take risks, but believe you are justified in doing so because there are so many bad motorists on the road. You overtake those who drive too slowly or erratically. Aviva’s research revealed that just 11% of participants considered themselves occasional risk-taking opportunists.

The Worrier

You never take risks and worry when on the road because you believe all other drivers are incompetent. If you could, you’d avoid the road altogether and be content to sit in your driveway. You always slow down far too early for traffic lights, just in case they change colour.

The Thrill Seeker

You believe you are in control of your own driving destiny and never blame others for what happens on the road. You’re a born risk taker who disregards speed limits, overtakes blindly and jumps red lights on deserted roads. Incidentally, the Aviva study showed men were twice as likely to commit the latter sin than women.

The Conformist

You see yourself as responsible for things that go wrong on the road and believe you are personally to blame for any accidents or mishaps. You always stick to the speed limit in built up areas. Nearly half of all drivers were likely to display conformist tendencies.

The Snail

Finally, there’s the snail. You rarely take risks but irritate other drivers by being overly cautious. You see yourself as responsible for all activity on the road. More often than not, you’ll drive below the speed limit. While this might not sound exciting, it’s important to remember taking risks on the road is a risky move.

I think I'm a bit of an opportunist.....



What Sort of Driver Are You?
My hubby always says I drive like I stole the car. Never had an accident but probably caused thousands!
Seriously though I would say I am The Opportunist. Driving in the UK is never a pleasant experience, I actually prefer to drive in Turkey!

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