what is acer cloud
ı have an acer netbook and now an acer b1 tablet ı can see somethıng called cloud that says wonderful thıngs and showing me how i don't need cables and plugs between one and the other to share ..am i dreaming

can i have an ABC from you brilliant techy people on what it is please


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what is acer cloud
To the best of my knowledge 'The Cloud' is just a on-line storage area, obviously operated by a wireless connection hence no cables required and you can access it from any other piece of equipment you want to use.

One word of warning when using 'The Cloud' is to make sure you select to make your saved material PRIVATE and NOT Public, public is the default setting for sharing especially pictures.


what is acer cloud
You can sync all your letronics together, phone laptop etc so that once you enter what ever info it will be stored off site in cloud but you can access it from everywhere. Do make sure your settings or private.


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what is acer cloud
Exactly Shirleyann , i got 50 gb free from dropbox somehow , all of our devices sync and update to / from the cloud , you can even sync your kindle if you want.

All you need to do to access Acer cloud is to download the app and create an identity.


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