What are you looking forward to
Well hopefully the worst of the snow is over now and its time to make plans for the year ahead.
So what are you most looking foward to doing or seeing this year.
My list is long;
I wish for the recovery of two neighbours from serious illness.
I long for the first green buds to show on the countryside hedges and trees.
I'm looking foward to recieving my delivery of new vegetable seeds for the start of the new growing season and planning my veg plots.
Long lazy days in some pretty english towns and villages staying in our motorhome and meeting up with likeminded folk.
A rumble round on the Harley without being so stuffed with clothes I can bearly get across it.
Boot fairs, Antique fairs and National Trust properties to visit.
Not having to wash muddy doggy paw prints off the kitchen floor every day and being able to leave the back door open so they can come and go as they want.
Learning about all the buttons on the new car and how to make the seat go up so I can see over the steering wheel instead of through it.
Selling the villa in Yalikavak ... okay, maybe that is really wishful thinking!

peter the postie

Wer'e not really here
What are you looking forward to
Here's my list..

I look forward to handing in my post bags for good. I have been a postie for 20 years tomorrow, and hopefully (if all goes to plan) I'll be out of there by april or may at the latest. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

I look forward to some bright sunny days when I can at last take my newly restored moped out onto the open road.

I look forward to being able to spend more time with my family and teaching children how to fish.

I look forward to spending time on my balcony in Altinkum doing nothing at all.

Most of all I look forward to finally coming to terms with the loss of my best friend Sally, moving on, and finding a new doggy companion.


What are you looking forward to
I look forward to;

Shirley's Alan being released.

All those suffering with illness to what ever degree find the strength required and heal.

2 new bathrooms and a kitchen for others for which I am responsilbe -one daugher one twin sister (she needs help)

A Tapu

World Peace would be just smasing! And MUST be listed even tho on here there's not always enough tolerance so not sure the human race is quite ready :p but I like to aim high.


Going to get Thinner
What are you looking forward to
My suitcases with all my makeup, my hair stuff {my new GHD's} and my clothes.

My claim for compensation dealt with quickly.

A Tapu.


Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
What are you looking forward to
I wish for my good friend Lynn to overcome the Cancer to her Liver and now it's in her Spine as well, for her to have the strength to come through this, and to help her all that I can

For all others here on the forum and people that I meet regularly that are battling with Cancer and other illnesses to overcome them and return to good health

For my little dog Monty to get over his latest setback with an ulceration on his remaining eye, as he has Glaucoma and is such a fiesty little man and so full of life, it's sad to see him in pain

For the spring to arrive soon, so that we can leave the back door open throughout the summer so that Monty can come and go as he pleases, as he so loves to be outside, although he cannot see, his hearing is so sharp, and he's always on guard

To go out to our home in Yalikavak for the first time this year on 1st April, and get those wonderful feelings that I am again in the adopted country that I love and to enjoy everything in our home there, as we always do, and to continue to dip in and out throughout the summer months until October

That our Armed Forces may be brough out of Afghanistan, but that may be a wish too far, but I wish

There's lots more, but for this post, for hubby and me to continue to have the health and well being that we now have, since we semi retired we have a lot more qualities of life, this is worth far more than any money can buy, and our lifestyles to remain as good as is now.

ted j

What are you looking forward to
Our little bungalow to be sold so we can move to Turkey. That my hair would change colour back to dark brown (it'll never happen):gulme:. That our daughter, Tracy joins us. And everyone on this brill forum gets what they want from life.


Going to get Thinner
What are you looking forward to
You know what ? I've just read the last couple of posts and thought to myself "what a self centred pig i am"

I am more worried about a stupid suitcase when people are dying of cancer and a lot of other things going wrong in thier lives so my apologies to everyone.



What are you looking forward to
For everyone to have the wishes they long for and more.
For myself, really just glad to be here and keep plodding on, if something exciting like winning the lottery happens, well I'd be only to happy to share.
All my daughters dreams and aspirations to come true.
My hubby to find a decent job again, and see him less despondent and defeated.
Health and happiness to everyone I know and even to them I don't.
For veryone to keep the Faith in everything they believe in.
For everyone never to be frightened to ask and then to believe and finally to receive, and lastly never let me forget to show gratitude for my lot and try and help others any way I can.
To always try to look forward and not allow myself to look back at my mistakes.

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