What are they really saying?
What are really saying? BBC news

A cross-party group of MPs and peers have called on the main parties to make a manifesto pledge not to allow the UK's population to exceed 70 million.
What are they really saying?
sounds like mass birth control, or is this a politically correct way of not talking about immigration.
Either way the UK has an 'ageing population' and needs new blood...as does any nation in this day and age if it wants to survive


What are they really saying?
I would read that as an immigration measure. We have no chance in taking any succesful measures to reduce the births in this country with the underclass breeding like rabbits to get their dole money, so it must be to stop others arriving at our shores.
Its a shame we can't go into the human import/export game and import the immigrants we need, not the dodgy ones and export the chavs and underclass to somewhere else..........like Germany or France !


What are they really saying?
To keep the population down, the government plan on introducing a measure based upon the film "Logan's Run"

Instead of everyone over the age of 30 having to step on the "whirly machine" and get transported up to paradise in a blaze of phsycadelic colour, Good ol' Gordon will instead send us "wrinklies" over the age of 30 to Afgahnistan, Iraq or the Yemen. These countries will be rebadged as "Retirement countries" where everyone is given a plot of land with a house overlooking the beach, free electricity, gas, water and food to see out their final days...
What are they really saying?
Eugenics. Most famous face was Adolph Hitler, but after his embrassing publicity it went underground as environmentalism. Go see which British Prime Minister was head of the Fabian Society.

Whenever you hear the word population, you know it's the eugenicists' agenda

Go look the word up. Everyone should know what it means.

The immigration thing is an attempt to dilute the British population, as if we are a multicultural society it will be that much harder to make any coordinated response. Things like the Wooton Basset demonstration will prevent us from looking at the puupet masters. I have suspected all along the WB protest got the coverage it did and was allowed to happen because would create intense debate and division - it had nothing to do with rights to protest, which are immediately curtailed whenever people are protesting about the real problem. Side issues, yes, identifying the true agenda of the power structure, no.

Britian's population is actually falling, so immigration is about manufacturing several problems at once - overpopulation, cultural erosion, increased crime, stress on economy and evironment - so we can keep busy complaining about a 'policy' rather than questioning the long term strategy.

Euthenasia is already tacitly approved, though assisted suicide is illegal 'on the books' most doctors will do it. (One doctor even suggested it to me when I had a terminal scare - from which I fully recovered.) Life is a commodity, if you're not productive you're not welcome in the herd. Gradually we will see euthenasia slipped in through denial of treatment (already common) and the'death pathway' - ending life support, food and medicine for the 'terminally' ill.

In a eugenecist's mind, there are just too many of us.
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What are they really saying?

I think there may be more practical reasons for worrying about population growth, not least the ability of both the NHS nand Benefits system, to cope.



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What are they really saying?
There may be a problem with the governments plans as there is currently a gas shortage in the UK!

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