What a Good Idea
Can't wait to try it ....the Ferry journeys themselves can be magical if you have the time.

Partly it is the fact you can imagine that you are making the same Bosporus crossing many have throughout the centuries have, a treat, just sitting there with your cay and simit the seagulls following in your trail .... now with the addition of music , I am Imagining a Sufi soundtrack wafting across the water ...magic. and the fact your helping local musicians is another plus

Istanbul’s ferry can be a musical experience

It’s already one of the world’s most original commutes: The ferry trip between Istanbul’s European and Asian sides gives a daily quarter of a million passengers unforgettable views on their way to work.

Now the Turkish city is offering music to offset the seascapes, and for the amateur musicians providing it, it’s a chance to make some crucial money.

The musicians work hard to ensure their music reflects Istanbul’s unique position.

Istanbul?s ferry can be a musical experience - Turkey News
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