Weather in Ovacik
Hello had a look at forums and im hoping that fethiye is the nearest to ovacik. I might be coming out tomorrow and I keep seeng mixed weather reviews. What is the current climate and any idea if its going to rain this week please...oh and is it expensive to eat out as I will be self-catering. Thankyou


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Weather in Ovacik
Hmm, but what happened to that mass of rain that was expected last night and today??


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Weather in Ovacik
We had quite a bit of wind here too. I must remember to go easy on the Onion Bhajis in future. :wink:
Weather in Ovacik
Well here in Kaş at the moment we have the mother of all storms going on. Sheet lightening making the sky brighter than daylight.

Got home from shopping to find my kitchen and bedroom flooded. That,ll teach me to be complacent in cleaning out my balcony drain thingies. I got absolutely drenched getting the shopping to the car and it was parked directly outside the supermarket!
And then I added to the soggyness by having to clean out said drain thingies.

Soo x


Weather in Ovacik
Oh, sorry to hear that! I hope th damage isn't too bad Soo. We had a puncture on the way back from the supermarket, in the dark and torrential rain. Thank good ness we had raincoats. But it was NOT a good end to the day.

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