Weather end Oct/Nov
I'm hoping to get out to our apartment in Dalaman at the end of Oct beginning of Nov time. I wouldn't normally visit so late in the season but we have just been for 2 weeks and since I'm having a baby in September I can't visit again before then and end of Oct is earliest I can get really.

What I'd like to know is what sort of weather can I expect? I realise days will be shorter but will it be warm enough to sit out in the sun and get a tan?!!


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Weather end Oct/Nov
We were in Altinkum at the end of October last year. The daytime was really nice and warm and you could get a tan if you wanted too. The evenings were quite cool and you will need a jumper or coat to keep warm :biggrin1:


Weather end Oct/Nov
We usually go in the October half term which is at the end of the month - its usually warm in the day time and the kids still swim in the sea - but can get chilly in the evenings - we've only ever had a few hours rain when we go at that time never in the summer but its still warm. Some pools close and some restuarants will be closing too but there are usally less holiday makers around at that time. It wont be hot hot hot but you could still get a tan. Hope you have a wonderful time. Molly
Weather end Oct/Nov
We were over the last week of October in Hisaronu area and whilst the pool was megga freezing the beach was lovely. Yes the days are very short once the clocks alter but during the day we sunbathed and by night we needed a winter woolie as the temps dropped quite a bit at night.
We didnt have any rain but there was quite a bit the week before we arrived.

If your planning to take the newborn in October then its the best possible time I think that you could take them, rather than in the heat of the summer.

Just remember to have a good quilt ready for the night times or your winter P.J's

And most of all have fun.


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