We plow the fields and scatter....
For those interested there will be a Harvest Festival Service on Sunday 22nd November at the church meeting room in Calis. 10am.
Darn it, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant which hosts the meetings, it’s about 400m from the bridge where the ferries terminate. Perhaps someone else will post the name.
Hey, you don’t necessarily have to be a fervent practicing Christian to enjoy a gig like this. It will be at the very least a good sing-song and a chance to show gratitude for the bounties of the earth.
As is traditional, tributes of food for the service will be later gifted to the needy. Showy fresh food is good but even tins would be appreciated by the recipients. Frozen food is probably a no-no!


We plow the fields and scatter....
Sounds a lovely service to have.
May you all enjoy it, and that there will be many gifts.
We plow the fields and scatter....
[Thanks Chris]
I still haven't come up with the restaurant's name so I had better give directions.
Driving from Fethiye on the Migros Road towards Calis. Bear left at the law courts so to pass the government hospital [on your right]. Go on to the roundabout where a left turn would have you cross the bridge to the beach. Don't turn left, turn right. Drive up that road in the direction of Gunlukbasi for a couple of hundred meters. When you reach a few small shops on your left, take the right turn. The restaurant is just 100m up that road. Right side.


We plow the fields and scatter....
Great directions Dwight.
Just as well ifound it okay as i live about 75 yds upthe road from the ERNUR where the church meets every week. and we chatted afterwards if you remember. See you and whole bunch of the regulars hopefully next week.

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