We are Back!!!!
Hey all back from Kizilot, 3 weeks of bliss. Weather was great, Hot days coolish nights, very odd in deed, apart from 2 days of what I call Oven Wind..

Highlights , found the pig farm at Manavgat, great Bacon, pricey though,
Went to Green Lake again , love it up there, great swimming,
Great Food,
Visited by a 2meter Whip snake......very exciting, untill our Turkish site manager despatched it with a stick.... Not Nice

Lowlights Incekum beach Packed most days
Speeding Ticket
Bad damp in the basement...Need a cure..........

Hope everyone else had a great trip.......M
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Let sleeping dogs lie
We are Back!!!!
Sounds a great holiday, but I think you have posted in the wrong place in 'Altinkum Forum'. Got me really confused.... :noidea:

I'm not very good on Turkish geography, but is it near Side?

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