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Waynes a Dad
congrats to them, I hope that doesn't mean that Wayne will miss tomorrows game. lol!

peter the postie

Wer'e not really here
Waynes a Dad

How could you Saoirse, hope the wee guy looks like his Mum :love::love:

And then he'll be a gold digger :heh:

Here's an exclusive pic of wayne and Kai sharing a tender moment
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Pimp My Sasha!
Waynes a Dad
Not sure about the little 'uns name choice...sounds slightly chavtastic to me!

(I hope to God no-one on here knows someone with the same moniker!!)


Postless Pointer
Waynes a Dad
Kai Wayne, surely the Bajorans will be offended at that.

Terak Noor is a lot less friendly than the Stretford end.



Waynes a Dad
Hi all have another laugh my Tibetan terrier dog is named Kai and he had it first. he'll be eight on his next birthday in December.LOL

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