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No great knowledge of Turkish history, but the Ottoman Empire was collapsing, the Russians were fighting the Turks in the East, Armenians there sided mostly with the Russians. Russia was going to claim Tsargrad/Istanbul. And Britain, France already had their new colonies in Turkey surveyed. Further, the definition and concept of “genocide” came about after WWII.
Now, if George W. Bush were sitting in The Hague tribunal, this designation would make more sense. Now, it’s just a favor to the large and wealthy Armenian diaspora in America.

P.S. Fully vaccinated and looking forward to Turkey ASAP!!


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Already the Turkish newspapers are reporting how Bidens message will be used...

RTE is likely to use Mr. Biden’s pronouncement for domestic political gain, appealing to his conservative base by labeling the U.S. decision a Western insult against Turkey, according to observers. The Turkish president has exploited past crises in relations with Western powers to shore up domestic support.



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£1 = 11.74 at 09:00, and the markets are not open for over an hour in GB and Europe.



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The last time it was getting this bad the old lira was still in use and as soon as they knocked a few zeros off it seemed to stabilise things, but that doesn't look like an option for the YTL.


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I see that the Euro is back over 10TL, that will be costing Turkish businesses a pretty kuruş.
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