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Warning! Biscuits Can Kill
More than half of all Britons have been injured by biscuits, according to a new survey.

Injuries range from being scalded by hot tea or coffee while dunking to breaking a tooth while eating biscuits, reports the Daily Telegraph.

An estimated 25 million adults have been injured while eating during a tea or coffee break - with at least 500 landing themselves in hospital, the survey found.

more here Grumpy Old Sod.com - How nice to know that experts are tirelessly looking out for us ...
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Warning! Biscuits Can Kill
Not surprised Jaffa cakes came bottom - they don't seem very dunkable to me.


Warning! Biscuits Can Kill
Its the frustration on trying to open the packets! I can well imagin an accident when one resorts to a large knife to get to the goodies.


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Warning! Biscuits Can Kill
l can see the reason behind all these injuries occurring from an innocent little humble biscuit.
Just try and feed a biscuit to a Rottweiler on heat.

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Warning! Biscuits Can Kill
I don't know what's wrong with me today, but have def got the munchies (err.... I'm def not pregnant, lol), it all started this morning, because I was feeling very down after I read about our dear friend Pebble, I had cups of tea and kept dipping into the digestive biscuit tin, later I had to have a chocolate coated digestive biscuit, crisps, more biscuits, just now huge handful of peanuts, supposed to be trying to be good ready for my hols, but when I read of Pebble, it made me think "what the hell" you enjoy if you want to. BTW, I have to dunk digestives, lol is that too much information.

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