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want to buy house in north cyprus
Hello all
I want to buy house in cyprus and i closed a deal in sweetwaterbay in the north.
I almost paid advance than i heard there are lott of problems with the land in the north.
please if anyone knows anything about it please respons i could not get any good information
Thank you very much


want to buy house in north cyprus
Hi Peter,

I'm not an expert, but I used to be a member of a TRNC forum which discussed some of the issue regarding property and land ownership. I also lived (and was married) in northern cyprus for 2 years.

There are 3 main categories for title deeds (5 altogether I think) but the three main immovable property deeds are:

1)TMD -Land that was 'gifted' by the new turkish cypriot government in 1974, to anyone who 'assisted' the cause or contributed military skills.

2)exchanged title - property abandoned in the south by fleeing Turkish cypriots was 'valued' by the authorities and the owners were given new properties relating to the value of their former abodes.

3)pre 1974 title - this seems to be 100% safe. It was preowned by a Turkish cypriot and therefore has not been 'stolen' or exchanged (I believe karmi is a great area for pre owned titles)

I'm sure you've heard of the orams case? It's been a long and complex case regarding exchanged land, I'm not sure what the outcome is, something worth googling perhaps.

I have checked and sweetwaterbay properties are built on exchanged land. I would check the current Orams case status and then decide how you'd like to proceed.

It's very important that you do your homework, so that you can enjoy your new home in the TRNC. It's a beautiful place.

good luck,



want to buy house in north cyprus
My sister in law is Greek Cypriot. Her parents had approx 15 acres of land in the north. Her mother and father died last few years and ended their years in a refugee camp hoping one day they would go back to their small holding home. My sister in law has inherited her share and now has her deeds. So she owns land in a good location.

Maybe best to be careful as a lot of Greek Cypriots still own land in the North of Cyprus.


want to buy house in north cyprus

Where exactly was the refugee camp?

It's news to me that there are refugees living in camps in south cyprus.


want to buy house in north cyprus

You are about to enter "hell" and lose your money! Please read ALL the problems with sweetwater bay here -

Sweetwater Bay Forum on North Cyprus Forums

We researched buying in TRNC very thoroughly and came to the conclusion that the only safe option is to rent! By definition "exchange" land belonged to greek cypriots before the civil war. Foreigners are no longer being given permission to purchase "Turkish Title" land.

You will be encouraged to pay in full, even before you have "permission to purchase" This may take years to come through and in the end you can be refused - so you have paid for a property you can never own! Many Brits have found themselves in this position. If you do get your Kokan (Tapu), which will take years, the title deed is only recognised in TNRC. The origonal GC owners are still the internationally recognised owners so you will have to pay them compensation in the future. There is a legal test case (google Orams Cyprus) going through the EU courts at the moment. How much compensation will depend on the Cyprus settlement talks which have been going on for over 35 years in one form or other. I don't think there will be a settlement in my lifetime.

Be very careful !!


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