Wall Art and Pictures
We are just finishing off the finer points of furnishing our place in Ovacik and now need some appropriate 'wall art' and pictures.
I would like to use local artists or shops to buy the pictures which also need to reflect our locale.
Any ideas ?


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Wall Art and Pictures
Dear Lylan Tiger,

İ am a British artist who trained at the Royal Academy of Arts living in Fethiye in the summer and İstanbul in the winter, my natural style is naive a bit like the french artist Chagall but İ also have done several commisions of the local area,in a more realistic style, if you let me know what sizes and subjects you are interested in İ could give you a quote. Subjects range from landscapes ,seascapes to flowers.
Have a look at my galeri blog, ( I can't put in the link for some reason)mariesgaleridotblogspotdotcom

scroll down for a calis seascape commission İ did

İ also do education projects with the community and did one at Calis beach Carnival this year wwwdottinamccallandotcom

Im in fethiye now so do get in touch and İ could visit your house for a chat to see what your interested in if you are here too. Phone number is on the blog. Otherwise contact me through my profile.
Prices start from about 200-250 lira for a 50 x 50 cm painting, depending on how many required.
Best regards, Tina.
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