VW air cooled specialists
Think that this might have been asked before, but did a search and could not find it.

Are there any VW air cooled (old Beetle engine) specialists in the Bodrum/Mugla area.

Thinking long term, finding a good solid beetle this year (2010) to get restored for use next year (2011)

As always, many thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers Mike.

PS I do know a bit about them, my first car was a 1972 1200cc Beetle.


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VW air cooled specialists
Great cars, love the look. I also would like to find one in good shape when I move back to Canada. I want to swap in a porshe engine though and take it racing.

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VW air cooled specialists
Mike,there is a small workshop in Bodrum,from the dual carriageway come to the traffic lights (where all the buses turn down the cobbled road to the bus station)but go the opposite way(beside the m/cycle shop),up the hill & where the road forks, bear left & he is the 1st 'shed' on the corner.There are always dubs outside & round the back of his workshop.You will need to take a turkish speaking person with you as he doesn't speak any english.
VW air cooled specialists
That's good to know ... I have a 1973 1300cc beetle, use the local guy at turgutreis to keep it running, but would be interested to know if it's worth restoring. alternatively, pm me if interested as i am bloody sick of it, actually.


VW air cooled specialists

Many thanks for the directions, will try and check him out.

Neil: Interested as to why you are so sick of it.

Is it due to it not being reliable?
This might be due to the fact that you are only using a local guy to keep it running as you said in your reply to my post.

What you need is a an aircooled VW engine specialist, hence why I asked the question in the first place.

I would recommend that you follow Redders directions and get it looked at properly.
Best way to work on one is to have a guy that knows them and has the facilities, just drop the engine and box so you can get access to all the bits, it is a simple engine, access is the problem when in the vehicle.

Alternatively pleae ignore my advice and I will give you a very low offer for your old V Dub that you are sick of. Only Joking, would prefer for you to have it running well and to like it.

Back in UK many years ago when I had my 1200cc Beetle it only ever had one problem, the clutch eventually gave up, I replaced it with a new clutch and thrust bearing too at the same time. The local garage did not use an original part for the clutch release bearing ( carbon graffite ring in metal case with two metal tabs for the clutch release fork to engage with)
One of the tabs broke off after two days, replaced Free of Charge by garage, then same thing happened again two days later.
Then found a great VW specialist in Notts, he identified the problem straight away, fitted an original part an then no probs ever. You need a VW aircooled specialist.

Does any one know who owns the Blue and White VW camper van that is always parked in Yalikavak? Used to be parked next to the ATM near the Mosque, recently parked in the new building that has not been completed yet opposite artists alley.

As allways, thanks to all for information.


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