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Vodaphone shop hates foreigners
I have just recently bought a new telephone from The Vodaphone Shop opposite Chevie in Ortaga.
I complained after four days as the new phone was never switched on by the provider. I called into the shop with a Turkish friend, the guy behind the counter was so rude, he said my passport was no good and in no uncertain terms told me to leave the shop as he hated foreigners. I went to see the Ortaga Baskam and he sent a representive round to tell the man that this sort of behaviour was unacceptable. I demanded a full refund and I have bought a new telephone in Dalyan. I urge you to not use this shop as you will not be made welcome by this individual.


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Vodaphone shop hates foreigners
Thanks For Heads Up

Will Steer Well Clear Of This One

Bought My Turkish Mobile From Opposite Migros In Dalyan


Vodaphone shop hates foreigners
How come someone can post such inflammatory remarks about a Turkish shop and yet no-one can post a question about the Queen's hotel in Dalyan????????


Vodaphone shop hates foreigners
People can post their experiences on here, the problem is that the forum could be liable for its' content. The Hotel one I believe was on here before and was withdrawn because of a complaint. The censorship isn't 'strange', we do what we believe is right at the time and often are guided by the forum owner, take it or leave it. Complaints should be directed to him not on the forum. If you have a complaint about a specific post please use the 'report post' feature at the bottom left of each post. The one with the triangle.
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